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Encouragement: FAQ

Do you feel lost?

Maybe life just hasn't turned out the way you expected or hoped, and you feel abandoned and alone. You look around and ask yourself, "How did I ever end up here? How can I ever get out of this mess? Will my life ever be normal?" The good news is, even if you may not have all the answers to WHY certain things in your life panned out the way they did, you still can know WHAT you can do about them now.

So how did you end up here?

We are all children of The Most High. Some have spiritual gifts, destinies, and potential divine pathways which can cause certain hidden principalities in this world and the ego to hinder the growth or manifestations of such persons' abilities. These adversaries know you're special. You have not only spiritual gifts for good but an eternal gift (eternal life in heaven) through repentance (choosing to turn away from sin and evil). The bottom line is - You are under attack, mentally, physically, and emotionally by dark forces from the beginning of time that must be transformed into an awareness of who you truly are, and your authority of choice in it all.

So how can you ever get out of this mess?

The first step is sacrifice. You have to give up those temporary comforts (like the next high/drink, spending money on what you don't need, spending your time wastefully, etc.) that lead to nowhere but destruction and choose to live out temporary discomforts (like facing withdrawals/detoxing, getting into a program, forgiving yourself and others) to reach your long-term gain. It's easier said than done, so we at Lighthouse hope you can begin to identify your true inner strength, divinely gifted, and the authority you have over all principalities through the simple righteousness embedded in you from The Most High and stand firm in the fight to gain your life back.

So will your life ever be normal?

Actually, no. Life will be challenging. But every challenge you face is for rebuilding your strength, as well as every obstacle you overcome is for renewing your mind. You will face very personal, spiritual, emotional and even physical battles in the road ahead. But you're not alone. Just pray and build your relationship with the Most High, study the scriptures, gain the wisdom of who you truly are. The war for your life has already begun but be assured you have the upmost and highest support team fighting behind you. When life gets tough, know that it still is only temporary, and what you do in this life will be justified to determine your existence in the next, along with the blessings you will receive through your obedient faith here on Earth. Remember, this life is but a blink of an eye compared to eternity. So may you finish strong and fight the good fight to get your life back. Blessings!

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