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Big Hug


Changing One Life At A Time

Lighthouse is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to assisting vulnerable populations such as individuals experiencing or facing the possibility of homelessness, victims of domestic abuse, aging out foster children and at-risk youth, and individuals recovering from substance abuse disorders by providing transitional housing services, resources and referrals, government and community support service assistance, and training programs to assist with life recovery.


We know that life IS worth living, but for some it's not so easy to see. Our goal is to be a beacon of hope for our afflicted communities, without judgment, giving what we can, all in the process of renewing the hope that was lost.

Lighthouse is currently working tirelessly to fulfill our mission to provide support for those who are in vulnerable positions by providing social assistance, meals, clothing, personal hygiene, and community resources through outreaches which are held weekly in low-income communities across the state. Raising enough capital to support the needs of the ever-growing homeless population is a cumbersome task with the rise in food prices, gas prices, rent prices, and general inflation overall. It is a vicious cycle, and it promotes the need even more to accommodate those who are struggling or will eventually be struggling soon with shelter, food, and an opportunity to get back on their feet.


We welcome you to look through the site and see all that is offered and how you can donate and get involved today!

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