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Organization Name
Phone Number
Services Offered
Adelante Healthcare
Sliding fee based on income.
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS
801 E. Jeffersont St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
(855) 432-7587
The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) is Arizona's Medicaid agency, offering healthcare programs to serve Arizona residents.
Bob & Rene Parsons Dental Clinic
1601 W. Sherman St., Phoenix, AZ 85007
Offer reduced rate dental services.
Brighter Way Dental Center
1300 W. Harrison St., Phoenix, AZ 85007
Dental services, dentures and implants available.
Give Back a Smile (AACD)
200 River Place, Ste.150, Monona, WI 53716
800-773-4227 or 800-543-9220
Dental services for domestic abuse victims.
Maricopa County Homeless Clinic
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
Provides healthcare to men, women and children experiencing homelessness.
Mission of Mercy
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
Provides free healthcare.
Mountain Park Health Centers
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
Sliding fee based on income.
Native Health
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
602-279-5262 or 602-279-5351
Sliding fee based on income. All populations welcome.
New Horizon Dental Center
6200 S. McClintock, Tempe, AZ
Call for eligibility. Dentures and implants available.
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
Sliding fee based on income.
PDS Foundation Dentists for Special Needs
4550 E. Bell Rd. #106, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Dental services for individuals with special needs.
Phoenix Indian Health Services (HIS)
4212 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016
Dental services for federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Natives in the US.
Salvation Army
Multiple Locations-Phoenix, AZ
Nurse available Wednesday afternoons.
St. Vincent de Paul Dental Clinic
420 W. Watkins Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003
602-261-6842 or 602-495-3038
Dental services for children ages 3 to 18, emergency services, adults call for eligibility.
Valleywise Community Health
See website
Sliding fee based on income.

Lighthouse is currently working tirelessly to fulfill our mission to provide support for those who are in vulnerable positions by providing social assistance, meals, clothing, personal hygiene, and community resources through outreaches which are held weekly in low-income communities across the state. Raising enough capital to support the needs of the ever-growing homeless population is a cumbersome task with the rise in food prices, gas prices, rent prices, and general inflation overall. It is a vicious cycle, and it promotes the need even more to accommodate those who are struggling or will eventually be struggling soon with shelter, food, and an opportunity to get back on their feet.


We welcome you to look through the site and see all that is offered and how you can donate and get involved today!

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